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- Gerhardts Bring Homing Pigeon Home

- Lunenburg High School Demolished

- Public Access To Lunenburg Water Front Nears Completion



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"Thank you for the wonderful job your crew did in clearing our driveway and paths after the big snowstorm! We were mighty glad to get home so easily and comfortably after the reaaly horrendous trip home from Maryland."

Ruth & Walter Flower, Bluerocks NS

"We are very satisfied with your services."

Paul Flinn, Chester NS

"Quality of Work Always Improving"

Doug Himmelman, Sunny Brook, NS

"No complaints here for your hard working crews, It's hard to beleive we didn't need to worry about the grass for25 years!"

Leighton & Arlene Davis, Princess Inlet, NS

"25 Years - Well Done"

Harry Mathers, Halifax NS

"I think your are just great!, it's nice to see a company start out small and work their way to the top. Thye people working for you are so nice and obliging. Thank you very much."

Arlene Smeltzer, Mahone Bay NS

"Happy With Services"

Bob Frank, Masons Beach, NS

"We're happy with your efforts"

Mr. Vogelin, Pentz NS

"Your workers are always friendly, so experienced and helpful, always welling to do whaterver I ask."

Amy Mosher, Mahone Bay NS

"Work hard and you will be a leade; be lazy and you will end up a slave" [Proverbs 12:24] "Some people are too lazy to fix a leaky roof - then the house falls in. [Ecclesiastes 10:18]

Yesterday Jan 30th, the congregation of Trinity United Church, Rose Bay held its 2010 Annual Meeting. During the meeting, some very favourable comments were made pertaining to the snow clearing of the church property which you do through your company. It fell to me to make this known to you.

It was noted that the Trinity Church parking lot is promptly tended to, whenever snow falls. Thus, the building is always accesible, even during snowstorms. There is certainly no tardiness or idleness in tending to this matter. It is just as the scriptures say "Don't muzzle an ox when you are using it to grind grain." You also know the saying, "Workers are worth their pay" [Timothy 5:18]

We the Trinity United Church Congregation of Rose Bay, feel you worthy of our praise as well as pay. We thank you for your faithful service evidenced in the efforts you put into maintainging our property.

Rev Ron Frampton, Trinity United Church, Rosebay, NS

"We loved the story of Voyager Gerhardt, Peter sent it to us. 3 Cheers!"

Bob & Tinker Whitaker, New York, NY

"Your people did a great job mowing our lawn- we are very pleased and make sure our friends and neighbours know it. Hopefully it will help expand your customer base.
All the best - see you again in 2012."

Arlene Davis

"The job was very satisfactory, will definetly love Blair to do more work for me. He cleaned his messes and left everything perfect. I'm absolutely thrilled with the deck. Well done Blair you the best carpenter I have had to do work for me."

Mrs. McLean

"Very pleased. Employees worked above and beyond - Thank you"

Audrey Covey

"If and when I need property improvements I would not hesitate to ask Gerhardts."

Amy Mosher

"Dear Peter, On behalf of all of us at Neptune, I wanted to thank you for all of your help at the parade last Saturday. You truly went above and beyond for us and we really appreciate it! Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future. All the best, "

Laura Hawllins (Neptune Theatre)

"Thank you for all your crews have done for me this year. I am very pleased with all your services. Please keep me for next year. Lawns, spring clean up, snow removal etc, Thank you very much,"

Sylvia J.

"I would like to have the bushes in front of my house pruned this fall. If possible I would like about a foot taken off the ceders by the front steps. They did a great job last year. I am also pleased with the group who are mowing my grass this year. I really appreciate their good work."

Sylvia Jennings.

"Your workers are always friendly, co-operative and willing, always willing to do whatever I ask them to do."

Amy Mosher

"I think it is nice to see a company start small and work their way to the top. The people working for you are so nice and so thank you very much,"

Arlean Smeltzer

"25 Years - well done,"

Harry Mathers

"No problems, "

Thelma Blain

"Quality of work has improved over the years.

No complaints here for your hard working family and crew! Hard to believe that Leghton hasn't had to cut the grass or whipper snip for 25 years."

Leghton & Arlene Davis

"We have been very satisfied with your services to date"

Paul G Flem

"Happy with service,"

E. Frank

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