Sponsored Events

William A. Gerhardt Property Improvement is a big supporter of the community, whether it's monetary donations, or donations of materials or services we do our best to help out. Also when ever possible our materials are purchased locally, even though with our truck capabilities we can import from all over North America. Remember when you hire us, your supporting your community.

Some of the groups we contribute to are:

- All local parades (If you require a truck, let us know)

- Local Sports Teams

- Neptune Theater

- Trinity United Church Riverport

- Center School

- Lunenburg Academy

- Bluenose Academy

- Ecole De Riv Sud Gardening Club

- Fisherman's Memorial Hospital

- Fisherman Reunion

- Artists By The Sea

- Lunenburg Dog Show

- Riverport Fire Department

- 5km Osprey Run

- Crime Stoppers

- African Mission


- Bluenose II Restoration

- St. Johns Anglican Church


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