"Hydroseed - the most efficient alternative to sod"

Hydrossed after 1 week. (Watered Daily)

Hydroseed is a fast and effective way to get a new lawn. Hydroseed contains no chemicals. It's just a mixture of water, mulch and grass seed. Once the mixture is sprayed on your lawn the mulch acts like a sponge absorbing water giving ideal conditions for healthy grass to grow relatively quickly.

Hydroseed is best done in the spring and fall. Like any other seed it requires appropriate amounts of water and fertilizer.

The establishment of your new hydroseed lawn is easy. The seed, fertilizer and mulch are in place. All you have to do is water daily. Frequent sprinklings in the early morning and evening are recommended. (Watering can be provided at an additional fee.) If the germinating seedlings dry out they will die. The key is to keep it moist, not soaked. Too much water will cause disease and erosion. Under ideal circumstances, the grass can be walked on in one week. Mowing (high setting) can commence as soon as the grass is at a height of 3"-3½". Do not delay cutting as this slows the maturing grass.


Hydroseed Maintenance

- An additional amount of fertilizer should be applied monthly from April to October. We recommend triple 17-17-17.

- Rolling may be required the following spring.

- We offer a free touch-up a few weeks after application.

- Most of all "be patient". Sod is grown 2 - 4 years before installation. Give your hydroseed lawn time (2 seasons) to mature.

Hydroseed after first mowing (3Weeks)

When is Hydraulic Seeding Preferred?
- When seeding hard to reach areas! Hydro-seed can be sprayed long distances over surfaces not easily reached or less than ideal foundation for sod.

- When specific varieties of grass are required and not available to purchase as turfgrass nursery sod. A temporary grass cover is required. The green mulch used in hydro -seeding will give as immediate impression of a grass surface and ensure applicator applies an even seed distribution.

- When your landscaping budget demands a cheaper alternative to sod.

- When quality nursery sod is not available for purchase.

Hydroseed 3rd Season

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